“I am a current client of Renjit and have been for over a year now so I have gotten to know him and learn from him. What I am most impressed with is his love for healthy living and his deep expertise in the healing of the human body. Make no bones about it, he is more than a workout coach, he is a walking example of what healing and health should look like. In each of my sessions, he teaches me something and he does in 30 minutes what would take someone less expert hours to accomplish. I attribute that to his long years of work and study which makes him one of the best trainers I have seen. If I couple that with a very professional "bedside manner" he is unique from anyone I have worked with. I have some background in weight training and martial arts, so I can tell when someone really knows the human body. I recommend him without reservation for anyone who really wants to become stronger, more flexible, and generally healthier at any age or stage of life.”



“Renjit is such an amazing person, inside and out. This limited space won’t give justice to the amazing work he does. I have been a client of Renjit's for over 2 years. He has amazing skills and knowledge. He's very passionate about his work. I have never seen an Exercise and Performance Specialist like him. With simple, yet effective movements he makes your body work hard and become more coordinated and stronger. He tailors his exercises based on your abilities and needs. He makes your body move in a way you never would've thought you were capable of moving. Above all, once you are done, you feel GREAT with LOTS of ENERGY. He puts you in a good mood.

Renjit uses all of his knowledge to help his clients become their best. All my life I have been an athlete but I had a couple of injuries from doing movements incorrectly and over-exercising,. I went to Renjit and asked for his help. Once he started working on my neuromuscular system, it was like magic. He just made everything feel better and got my body to work the way it was meant to, free and without pain. If you want to feel great and be your best, give Renjit a call. He'll make you feel great and happy. He has a magic touch! You have to experience it to appreciate it.”


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