The Creation of Arogium™

The Creation of arogium™ 

In Sanskrit, arogium™ means health or “without illness”. A simple expression, but one that speaks volumes.  My own health issues were the inspiration for arogium™. I suffered from chronic pain conditions due to two accidents and was given the choice of another surgery, pain medication or more physical therapy. I started searching for an alternative solution and from that search, arogium™ was born.


What is arogium™?
  • A multi-disciplinary exercise system I created from twenty years of academic and field research. Arogium is a combination of several concepts of movement including Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, neuromuscular training, therapy, meditation, and martial arts.


  • Instead of the standard exercise equipment, arogium™ uses human resistance: “The instructor is the exercise equipment.”


  • I lead you through each exercise optimally sensing and adjusting resistance (leverage and strength), range of motion (flexibility and joint function) and movement speed (motor control) for an endless choice of movements creating a customized workout plan not even the most sophisticated machines can offer.



Why is arogium™ superior to other programs?

  • The most significant advantage of my program is the accelerated results you achieve literally with your first session. Through optimal resistance, range of motion and movement speed, each muscle is engaged to its fullest potential and you gain the maximum benefit.           
  • You experience controlled intensity from the targeted muscles while maintaining proper form, focused breathing, a relaxed facial expression, and a smooth, controlled speed of movement. You are in constant motion from start to finish.      
  • In an arogium™ session, virtually no perspiration exists due to your smooth, controlled, and efficient movements. Yet, arogium™ is an extreme cardiovascular workout with results that exceed the traditional sweat-drenched exercise you are now doing. With arogium™, not having time to shower or worrying about your appearance (e.g. sweating out your hairstyle) are no longer excuses for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.    
  • The basis of arogium™ is that all types and forms of movement and bodywork have merit and are ever-evolving. This is why arogium™ combines exercises and techniques from various disciplines and I create a custom workout plan for you. Clients are surprised by the rapid, visually obvious, and unprecedented results because it seems so simple.           
  • arogium™ is the opportunity for you to look, feel, move and function at your best, while in the moment, continually throughout life. 

Is arogium™ for you? 

arogium™ is designed for you to achieve the best mental and physical shape of your life. My program is for you if:
  • You suffer from a chronic pain condition with no desire for another surgery or medication causing multiple side effects. You need a different solution for your pain relief. 
  • You are a busy professional, who has to somehow balance personal physical fitness with the relentless pressures and time constraints brought on by work, family obligations, and relationships. 
  • You are an athlete of any sport, professional or amateur. My program improves your athletic performance and increases strength and endurance both mentally and physically.
  • You have limited time to exercise. By placing emphasis on form and continuous resistance, you function at your highest peak throughout the session. This allows you to tone your muscles in a short period of time efficiently. No need to change clothes as there is virtually no sweat. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes.
What would be your decision if you had to choose between a sophisticated machine or a medical massage therapist to receive your ideal massage today? 
How about 200 years from now? You would always choose the medical massage therapist because no machine can sense and make adjustments to the variables found within a human body like another human being.  
Why shouldn't this thinking apply to exercise as well?

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